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Armitage: Dual Matrix

They've been showing this on cable this month. Something you may notice is that the lovely and talented Juliette Lewis graces this production with her voice, proving that she really is a great actress. There's also a relatively decent voice for one of the news anchors in this anime dub. Just to hear these two voices, it might be worth picking up this DVD.

Unfortunately (and predictably) the dub goes downhill from there.

Most of the rest of the cast is a rogues gallery of chronic noise polluters we've become familiar with in the world of bad anime dubs, even including the old Robotech voice actors Tony Oliver and Reba West, whose voice turned American viewers of Macross against Lynn Minmay, the Japanese fan favorite. I'm going to throw a friggin' party when these people are too old to do any more dubs.

It seems strangely fitting that this dub also features another voice that turned fans against a character that might otherwise have been tolerable.
Yes, Ahmed Best, the voice of Jar-Jar Binks, curses this production with his obnoxious and highly inappropriate overacting. He fits right in with the usual anime dub cast, making scenes unbearable to watch solely due to the sound of his voice, just as he did in the Star Wars prequels.

How in the world did they get someone as talented as Juliette Lewis to work with this cast of no-talent vocal villains? They must have offered her a lot of money, or the woman has a heart of gold.

See and hear for yourself. Order it here.

Remember: you can't judge the Japanese version by the American English dub version!

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