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long rant about names

I'm president of my school's anime club, and we were having an informal meeting today at lunch. I should mention that everyone else in there is a hardcore dub fan and acts as if anyone is insane who would actually think of reading subtitles. Today we were discussing the Inuyasha dub. I think the dub of it is quite good except for the one thing that bothers me slightly is the butchering of names. I got completely attacked for telling them that the correct Japanese way to pronounce Kaede is not "kai-AY-day." They were saying "They can pronounce it however they want in the dub. They're not Japanese." I guess the argument I have against that, is that the names are Japanese, so they have a correct pronounciation - it's not like someone took an english name and decided to pronounce it differently...and then they say it's too confusing/unnatural to pronounce them correctly. I do say ka-GO-me because to me it is more natural to say than KA-go-meh, but how does it make things any easier to say ee-new-YEAH-sha? And we can't forget going into the DVD store with one of them..

me: It's a stuffed Kirara, how cute.
him: It's Ki-LA-la!! If you're going to call yourself an Inuyasha fan, GET IT RIGHT.
me: Actually I'm just as correct as you are, because the original name was Kirara.

So anyway. ^_^ I can see why it's easier to pronounce Shippo like something you sail on I guess, but what is up with this kai-AY-day and ee-new-YEAH-sha, and kee-kee-oh etc etc..and i noticed when watching the subbed version that it sounded almost like "NAH-rak" instead of "nah-RAH-koo"...I don't blame people for being ignorant or whatever, but it just irritates me to be condemned by everyone for pronouncing the names the correct Japanese way.
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